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We believe that America has some of the most beautiful and iconic lakes in the world. We know the bonds that families and friends can make while discovering these lakes are ones that will last a lifetime. We are honored to play a role in the rediscovering of Great American Waterways and the strengthening of families and friendships.


In the spring of 2017 Bravada came under new ownership with a BOLD new vision, innovative approach and higher standards across the board. Comprised of Master Craftsmen, Marine Engineers, Naval Architects, Design Visionaries, Framers, Welders, HVAC Specialists, Electricians, Mechanics, Drivers, Pilots, Plumbers, Painters, Interior Designers and everything in between… Team Bravada has now grown to a well-oiled machine of almost 100 talented people. We value everyone on our team and know that they are our greatest asset.



We are a forward-thinking company with high standards and lofty goals. 2020 is ushering in expanded offerings, with Wake Surf Boats and Luxury Mid-range Day Cruisers. We’ve got our eyes planted firmly on the horizon and plan to make Bravada the go-to name in luxury watercraft across all sectors.

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