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Bravada Yachts was recently featured on showcasing our newest line of luxury Houseboats:

“The story of Lake Powell, on the Arizona/Utah border, started with the completion of the Glen Canyon Dam in 1963. The Colorado River slowly filled the canyon, and the lake reached its standard depth of 3,700 in 1980, creating a thriving reservoir amid otherworldly red rock formations and scenic cliffs that now draws as many as 2 million visitors each year. But only a lucky few will be able to experience Lake Powell aboard a vessel as unique and luxurious as nearby boat maker Bravada Yachts’ latest, appropriately otherworldly designed, luxury houseboat, dubbed Invictus.

The two-and-a-half level, 3,200-square-foot watercraft (valued at about $2 million) just made its debut on the lake. Invictus boasts five superb state rooms, two full bathrooms, two kitchens, seven HD televisions, custom outdoor furniture, a firepit, a waterslide, and many other features to make for a perfect relaxing vacation...or a spirited floating house party.

“The houseboat industry has been stagnant for decades, [this vessel] represents the first glimpse into the future of house boating and the direction we are laser focused on leading the industry towards,” says Bravada Yachts CEO Aaron Browning. Of its unique curving architecture, he adds: “There is a reason houseboats are not built with curves—the reason is because it's hard. We at Bravada Yachts will never shy away from doing hard things or taking the uncharted course. We embrace the challenges, and we're excited to see just how far we can push the envelope in the houseboat industry.”

Constructed without using the typical wood, drywall or other standard house boat materials that tend to mimic residential construction over waterborne design, the Bravada vessel is not only eye-grabbing in her lines, but also offers additional benefits via her alternative make-up: Class A1 fire-rated raw materials, superior water/mold/mildew resistance, unmatched soundproofing, and increased energy efficiency.

The Bravada Yachts team of world-class fabricators, multi-disciplinary engineers, and maritime designers took just under two years to complete the Invictus, imbuing the vessel with fresh, next-generation interior and exterior elan, and setting a new, unexpected standard in house-boating recreation.

Designed by award-winning watercraft master, J. David Weiss, Invictus is based around a new Atlas V-Series fabrication approach that brings the innovation and futuristic lines of cutting-edge ocean yachts to the the lake yachting experience.

Constructed from structural steel and incorporating a “reverse layout,” wherein the stern end of the boat completely opens up with a massive sliding glass door, the new vessel puts the squared-off, boxy, chrome railed, floating home vibe of traditional house boats firmly in the rear-view mirror. Yet it features outstanding elements that would feel at home in any modern, luxury residence, as well: a custom bar housing cutting-edge audio components and an HD television that rises from the bar surface, massive “aquarium” style windows, custom sliding and helm doors that provide unmatched views, a main deck that features its own entertainments systems as well as a custom-built steam fireplace, and more.

The luxury lake yacht offers five staterooms and two lower cuddy cabins that can accommodate up to 14 guests, and two bathrooms sport custom tiled showers, LED-lit mirrors, and marbled quartz countertops. The full-sized kitchen gleams with stainless steel Samsung appliances, and the helm offers a comfortable captain’s chair and multiple camera displays to assist overall visibility and navigation.

The sunny outdoors is brought in via an upper deck with an outdoor kitchen, featuring stainless steel cabinets, unique synthetic stone counters that stand-up to the elements, a crushed glass lined fire pit, modern daybed seating and a 15-foot rear waterslide to cool off in a hurry.

At a 70-ton dry weight, Invictus is a large vessel to say the least, but it is one of the only houseboats on the market to use Volvo diesel engines, minimizing its environmental footprint and increasing top speed, cruise stability and smoothness and providing near-silent running.

Bravada Yachts like Invictus, based on the Atlas V-Series model, are available as custom builds for single owners at about $2 million, but the existing vessel and others produced will also be offered for fractional ownership beginning at $129,000 per share.”

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