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Recently featured in Arizona Foothills Magazine:

Bravada Yachts is pleased to announce the launch of their newest and most aggressively designed luxury houseboat to date. This 80-foot custom-built wide-bodied lake yacht named “Invictus” debuted at Lake Powell on December 1 and it’s taking the houseboat industry by storm.

The two-and-a-half level, 3,200-square-foot, luxury watercraft valued at about $2 million boasts five staterooms, two bathrooms, two kitchens, seven televisions, custom outdoor furniture, a fire pit, and a waterslide.

Constructed without using wood, drywall, or standard houseboat systems, Bravada has chosen innovative alternatives, optimized for your family’s safety. These include Class A1 Fire-rated raw materials, with superior water/mold/mildew resistance, unmatched soundproofing, and increased energy efficiency.

Every other houseboat manufacturer in the country uses two-by-fours for framing. They use plywood for the floors and subfloors, and drywall for the walls. The problem is that if water gets in, and it always does, the wood can rot or warp and send issues throughout the entire boat. We replaced the wooden two-by-four walls and the plywood floors with lightweight structural steel for the framing, and it’s actually substantially lighter than the wood. So, you get a lighter but more structural boat. In some cases, up to three times as strong as the structure of a typical houseboat. And that allows us to put oversized windows, taller ceilings, and the rooms are nearly soundproof. – Aaron Browning, CEO of Bravada Yachts

The artistry and development process from concept to completion took under two years with modern interiors and bespoke exteriors all designed and built by Bravada Yacht’s elite research and development team. Bravada Yachts has set a new standard in the industry with Invictus, introducing fresh ideas from the first weld to the final touch.

Bravada Yachts is the only luxury houseboat brand with a team consisting of world-class fabricators, master engineers from various disciplines, designers from the ocean yacht world and top-notch industry experts leveling up the game including President Robert Gutierrez, CEO Aaron Browning and Vice President of Operations, Mia Gutierrez.

The team’s combined expertise has allowed for the creation of a completely revolutionized lake yachting experience.

The houseboat industry has been stagnant for decades, the new V-Series represents the first glimpse into the future of houseboating and the direction that we are laser-focused on leading the industry towards.

There is a reason houseboats are not built with curves because it’s very labor-intensive, with 1000s and 1000s labor hours to achieve that look. And so that’s what discourages companies from it because if you look at most houseboats, they’ll buy a prefab paneling product and just glue it and screw it to the boat.

We embrace the challenges, and we’re excited to see just how far we can push the envelope in the houseboat industry. – Aaron Browning, CEO of Bravada Yachts

Designed by award-winning watercraft alchemist, J. David Weiss, the new Atlas V-Series takes center stage with its sleek lines and high-end features that infuse the ocean yacht world into the lake yachting experience.

The new Atlas V-Series, constructed from structural steel, prides itself on a precise juxtaposition of functionality and stylish aesthetic appeal with two-and-a-half levels and the coveted “reverse layout,” where the stern end of the boat completely opens up with a massive sliding glass door.

Combining luxury with comfort, Invictus has key features including massive “aquarium” style windows, as well as custom sliding and helm doors by Western Windows Systems, which provide unmatched views and a distinctive look.

The main deck is complete with a salon accommodated with a top-of-the-line audiovisual system, designer steam fireplace, and satellite television. Sleeping up to 14 guests, the luxury lake yacht offers five staterooms, two lower cuddy cabins, and two bathrooms with custom tiled showers, LED mirrors, and marbled quartz countertops.

The completely stocked full-sized kitchen comes equipped with quartz countertops and stainless steel Samsung appliances. The carefully-designed helm offers a comfortable captain’s chair and multiple camera displays to assist overall visibility.

The upper deck features amenities such as an outdoor kitchen, featuring stainless steel cabinets, designer backsplash, and grill by RH Peterson, surrounded by custom Dekton countertops, a unique synthetic stone that beautifully defies the elements, a crushed glass-lined fire pit with custom modern daybed seating made with powder-coated steel framing and custom Sunbrella upholstery, and a 15-foot rear waterslide to cool off in a hurry.

Invictus maximizes fuel efficiency with the power and torque needed to maneuver this massive 70-ton vessel. It is one of the only houseboats on the market to use Volvo Diesel engines with the Volvo Penta Outdrives and Bow Thruster. Owners will enjoy an increased top speed, a smooth ride, and near-silent cruising.

Boating and anchoring lessons are just one of the many perks new Bravada owners will enjoy. We will teach any of the owners personally. So, for example, the boat we just launched has 11 partners. We will release a series of videos that show them how to anchor and drive the vessel. In addition to that, if they want an in-person lesson, we’ll travel up to the lake and teach the owners directly. – Aaron Browning, CEO of Bravada Yachts

Every Bravada Yacht is proudly built in the USA at the Bravada Yachts factory in Tolleson, Arizona. Atlas V-Series models are currently available for single owner or fractional owner purchases. Material comes into our factory as just raw sheets of metal. We develop, manufacture, and fabricate everything here in Arizona, proudly made in the USA.

However, the most significant factor that separates Bravada from competitors is our sense of teamwork. We have a fantastic team across the entire company, and that’s how we launched this new concept in only two years. – Aaron Browning, CEO of Bravada Yachts For more information call: (801) 725-6481 or visit the website at Bravada Yachts is located at 9310 W. Buckeye Road, Suite 200, Tolleson. For regular updates on Bravada, visit the following social media platforms:

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About BRAVADA Yachts

A company built on performance, style, and luxury lakeside living, Bravada Yachts is an Arizona-based yacht and houseboat manufacturer that produces a series of cutting-edge vessels that diversify according to size, length, square-footage, and detailed customizations.

Founded in 2010, the company is currently headquartered in Tolleson, Ariz. by a dynamic executive team and a dedicated and experienced crew of yacht builders and fabricators. Most of the Bravada Yachts currently on the water called Lake Powell home, but Bravada is rapidly expanding and can ship to anywhere in the US or Canada.” Arizona Foothills Magazine - Bravada Yachts


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